ZERO CARBON PROJECT: Changing The Energy Economy

“The shift to a cleaner energy economy wont happen overnight, and it will require tough choices along the way” – Barack Obama

It is never easy to change the paradigm of energy usage in modern economy. To shift from old habitual ways to a green-lifestyle requires a lot of time.

Prevention is better than cure. Most of us believe in prevention but people don’t always practice it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure we’ve heard before. The best way to keep a healthy and sustainable world is to start using renewable energy in our daily lives. Moving to electric car, taking care of the solar energy and replacing our fossil-fueled parts are all part of the long term game.

The current world energy usage is 137 trillion equivalent kilowatt-hours per year and is growing, with China and India coming on line and burning fossil fuels. In order to have a significant impact on global warming, we must inject more than 20 trillion kilowatt-hours of clean, non-CO2 emitting energy per year into world energy usage. Such initiative as this require full support by all involved; government, energy suppliers and consumers.

But the problem is, could you pay less to go green for gas and electricity?

Most of energy firms are offering pricier renewable electricity tariffs. Countries with large amounts of renewable generation, such as Denmark and Germany, face the highest energy prices in the rich world. In Britain, electricity from wind farms costs twice as much as that from traditional sources.

Another challenge is the distribution of renewable energy. It is still expensive to supply good quality of power to the customers. More countries which have a lot of renewable generation must still pay to maintain traditional kinds of power stations ready to fire up when demand peaks. The distribution network is more complex and energy from these stations also becomes more expensive because they may not run at full-blast.

Zero Carbon Project is developing technologies that can be the answer to pulling excess carbon from the environment and transforming it into something affordable, and rewarding.

Zero Carbon Project is tackling climate change using the blockchain and international carbon credits. Delivering a quicker reduction of carbon emissions by beating both renewable energy and fossil fuels on price. The platform makes it is easier for energy suppliers to compete with fossil fuels on price by allowing them to source their electricity locally from fossil fuels but then offsetting these carbon emissions by subsidising carbon reduction projects elsewhere in the world, using international carbon credits.

A more affordable energy market will be achieved by allowing more of energy suppliers to provide a cheaper way for consumers to buy renewable energy in the short term with Energis token, and the ability to sell the Energis token back to the renewable operators and bring their costs under control.

Energis tokens have been designed to be valuable in order to provide the catalyst for change and provide incentives for consumers to contribute towards tackling climate change. Smart contracts have been deployed to the blockchain to manage the use and flow of Energis token transactions in the Energis economy.

Zero Carbon Project will be able to solve the problem of expensive renewable energy by creating an affordable solution and encourage green & healthy lifestyle even on a tight budget.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to live a healthy and eco-friendly life.




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