Why we need VPN on an Android Smartphone?

Android is a popular option for a mobile phone. It has various features to allure the customer. The portability of the Android increases the chance of using a VPN or Virtual Private Network on Android. Android is becoming more like a computer because it is providing us with the feature which is more than just doing SMS. With these features available on Android we can access the internet from remote places, share files browse through the internet while connecting to Wi-Fi through Android. Therefore there is a chance of losing personal data is becoming more and more important. With the help of VPN or Virtual Private Network, we can secure our personal data and hide our identity from the cruel tricks of the worldwide web.

VPN on Android

The Internet is becoming more and more in our daily life. We manage our financials through online banking, keep contact with our friends and family or relatives with the help of social networking sites, shop for products and services through the internet. We access the internet through Android. With so much importance on the internet, one should keep a secured network in order to protect your personal details from the prying eyes and the snoopers. Whether you want to connect in your office or in-home one should use VPN or Virtual Private Network secure your personal data on Android.

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What a VPN can do?

VPN allows you to use the internet with protection from the hackers. Even if the hackers are able to take control of data in your computer they will be unable to understand the data as it is secured through the process of encryption and tunneling.

If you want to send data through Wi-Fi on your Android, then this data can be easily decoded through a free tool. But if you have VPN then the data cannot be decoded.

VPN has servers in 24 nations. If you use Virtual Private Network then your IP address is masked by the local server and it becomes really difficult to locate the true IP address.

With the help of VPN, you can see the geolocation restricted sites like BBBiPlayer, 40D, LoveFilm of UK and Netflix from USA in your Android phone as it enables you to get an IP address of the local server. The websites monitoring the traffic will be only seeing the IP Address of the host server but not the actual IP address. For example, a British citizen traveling to Europe will be appearing in Britain while using a British VPN service.

There is a number of protocols that are used on Android VPN. There mainly three types of VPN protocol. They are Layer two tunneling protocol (L2TP) which is created by Cisco and Microsoft.

Point to point tunneling protocol or PPTP is used to access the internet from remote places while using a VPN.

Internet protocol security or IPSec is the most profitable as it is created combing various features of the different protocol.

These are a few reasons for using VPN in Android. VPN used in Android is different from the normal VPN. Therefore one needs to see if his or her VPN is compatible with the Android device they are using.

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