SpringRole: A Decentralized Professional Verification

We are all created equal but each of us has unique skills, characters and roles to play in this world. But ironically, we end up being somebody else and forget the real self. The worse, people now trying to fake their own resume in order to land a job they like, not a job that utilize their skills and degrees.

Fake resumes problem is just one thing, people now faking their linkedin profile and hope that a company will hire them right away. This could harm the new company that hire this kind of person or even if the HR division finally noticed about the fake profiles, it costs them time and money.

Companies might decide to call anyone they find suitable to any position based on their Linkedin profile or resume, just to find that the person is very different to how they imagined. Turn out that someone with faked 5 years worth experience, in reality had the knowledge of only a a few months internship to rely on.

The reliable source to validate the person’s skills and experience is no one but the closest people to that person; ex co-workers, ex-boss, friends or even family.

The trust always revealed by those whom we have a deep rooted connection with.

SpringRole is building a platform with righteousness and integrity. A platform where anyone can be extremely straightforward and will always give you their honest opinion. Validation can come from our universities and previous companies, in order to provide an authentic professional profiles.

To make sure any candidate is being honest, HR and Headhunters would be able to validate the most important and the most recent jobs from the person’s profile. Users can also upload proof of graduation and certifications. A copy of their degree, or a transcript to serve the purpose of validation.

SpringRole is a blockchain powered professional-profile verification and attestation protocol. This gives the platform complete control to develop a trustworthy verification and attestation process from ground up. All information and validation will be stored on the blockchain and can not be erased or manipulated.

Please try the SpringRole beta-version here.



Author: anti.cash

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