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Do You Really Have What It Takes?

The corporate world is very different from what it was a couple decades ago. Companies have hundreds of resumes to comb through every day. And your resume is often your first and only chance to make a great impression on an employer. But, in an effort to cull them down to a reasonable amount, recruiters will scan your resume for just a few seconds to see if you’re right for the job or simply toss any that don’t meet what they’re looking for.

The important question is: What we do and why we’re different?

Right now resumes and LinkedIn profiles look like job descriptions. You need to stand out in the crowd and transform your self development process. It means having a distinct understanding of who you are and what you have to offer, and being able to contribute to the project or company.  If you want to make the right impression at work, then you need to boost your skills.

The problem is there are no reliable ways of measuring the value of skills on any level.

Skyllz reinvents how talent gets access to work and work gets access to talent in an open ecosystem by building the open-source, public, blockchain-based and distributed skills-validation protocol.

In this millenial era, skills or talents are far more important than just a resume or a degree. With different career expectations and needs, skills are increasingly a dominant force in the workplace. Skyllz is creating new efficiencies and data-driven platform offers ways to look for what should be done, by who, and where. Skyllz platform provides solution for skills allocation (online portfolios), skills contextualization (soft skills related platforms) or even skillsboosters (platforms that will empower values or will get attitudinal metrics and profiles from their users).

Any application can be built on top of Skyllz platform (Skills Touchpoints Applications), who wants to benefit from and add value to the Skyllz ecosystem

Skyllz Proof of Skill is the non-tradeable and traceable reputation on Skyllz. It handles the validation of the skills that a user possesses directly on the Ethereum Blockchain. Anyone can showcase their skills, develop more skills and find the best career opportunity. The fuel behind Skyllz network is SKT token, which will serve as units of account that enable users to participate and get validations of their skills on or across any application of the ecosystem.

 “More Impactful Talents is What We Need”

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