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“God is the architect but DNA is our guide.”

Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid, or better known as DNA can be viewed as the blueprint for our existence. It is a nucleic acid that is the carrier of genetic information. These are molecules that building units of the genetic material that is present in every living organism, from bacteria to humans.

DNA is so important because it holds the instructions for a living organisms and cells development, reproduction and death. It is the storage of information. A good analogy is whenever a building is constructed, you usually have an architect who draws a blueprint, and that blueprint serves as the pattern, as the guide. In this life, God is the architect but DNA is our guide.

Everyone should own and control their personal genomic data. This is more than a private or personal data. This is our life, our past and our future. This data should not be sold to drug companies for research, which is common with consumer genetic tests. More than 98% of Human DNA is non-coding, which means only 2% contain valuable information which encode the protein and genotype. Can you see how precious your DNA is?

You can use DNA Sequancing services to understand your disease; which genes are abnormal, where they’re located within the genome, and how they affect cell growth. The more we find out, the closer we get to better treatments.

Or you can use DNA Testing services to gain insight into genetic ethnicity, find genetic relatives and expand your genealogy research.

The problem is that all this data is being captured, but not leveraged properly. Customers personal data have been used and sold to 3rd party without taking into account the data protection rules. There are a lot of companies and underground data markets selling our data without us knowing about it.

There is a huge opportunity to make these data more useful, profitable to the owner and beneficial to the public. SHIVOM aims to create a consistent, easy-to-use DNA data network that can be implemented across all disciplines.

Shivom offers the first ever integrated solution for patients and genome data donors where everybody will be able to have their genome sequenced and securely stored. This ecosystem will provide an open web-marketplace for other providers such as pharmaceuticals, research organizations, governments, patient-support groups and insurance companies to add their apps and services, alongside genomic data analytics and personalized medicine.

With the Shivom blockchain based platform, DNA owner has the full right to give permission to access it, share it or even sell it. Health companies or researchers couldn’t use your data without your permission.

Shivom is an ecosystem that offers more than just DNA services, it is an open web-marketplace for other providers to add not only genomics information, but also analytics, and associated apps and services to drive personalised medicine. Blockchain ability is to store, retrieve, verify and exchange information securely. Once sequenced, the genome is information, and blockchain ensures that the genome information is immutable and secure.


Shivom is more than just a DNA. It is about getting the most out of your life.




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