Quadrant Protocol: Breaking Up The Monopoly of Data

“Consolidating to the point of monopoly has never served the consumer – ever” – Gwynne Shotwell

The monopoly of data is threatening the whole system. Breaking the privacy is the inevitable consequence of data monopoly. Major platforms like Facebook and Microsoft never disclose how they are collecting all the data. The result of this is less transparency.

Transparency is necessary to ensure the security of personal data. Transparency is required to make the necessary security measures to protect personal data under major companies’ control, to prevent unauthorized access, copying or other similar risks. In the end, we need to trust our own data to companies like Facebook or Google. But we have heard that Facebook is breaking law in how it collects your personal data.

In the wrong hands, personal data can also be used to damage our reputations. That is why we need full transparency and a common set of guidelines. The point is how can data providers profit from their own data?

Quadrant Protocol is a blockchain-based platform for data privacy protection and monetization. The team is building an ecosystem that will benefit all pieces of the data sector. Companies can derive value from valuable data and they can purchase it from reliable sources like Quadrant Protocol. If data vendors have high-quality data, they can sell it to create a more mutual economic benefit.

Quadrant Protocol believes that accessing high-quality data is becoming increasingly important for businesses, agencies and all sorts of businesses. Quadrant provides the infrastructure that facilitates the exchange of DaaS and AI services between organizations. It enables data vendors to sell their data with the use of data smart contracts. Likewise, it enables buyers to purchase data and trace its authenticity and provenance through the network’s data stamping verification system.

The protocol will keep the data secure and fully protected which is vital for privacy, while, on the other hand, data buyers will be able to identify the available data sources using “stamping data” protocol.

We need data, data is all around us. Data is important to develop a strategic action plan,and Quadrant Protocol makes sure that it can be retrieved and used most productively.

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Author: anti.cash

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