PumaPay: The Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency

PumaPay, a blockchain solution for pull payment, just raised a massive amount of money in their private presale for more than $100 million. It is one of the successful private sale in cryptocurrency to date. However it didn’t happen for no reason.  PumaPay’s technology is changing the payment experience for the better.

This is the first time that we will see the mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments. With PumaPay’s Pull Payment Protocol, the future of business will be one of rapid change, as cryptocurrency evolve, supported by robust payment solution.

PumaPay aims to create a seamless, simple and intuitive automated payment experience. Where any cryptocurrency transfer can be scheduled on a predetermined date to pay any recurring bill. The current version of PumaPay wallet can be downloaded from the Google Play store and iTunes for free.

The crypto industry is currently struggling with how to accommodate mass adoption, especially in scaling infrastructure. The slow and unstable payments can prevent small companies from using the technology. And tthe biggest drawback for cryptocurreny payment system is that, there is only one-way payment for which the crypto is sent from one account to another, limiting the potential to provide an effective and efficient way to pay. Unlike Paypal where businesses are able to allow automatic recurring payments to their clients and subscribers.

Pull Payment Protocol is a recurring contract set of one or more recurring payment details linked to a unique cryptocurreny wallet based on specific requirements. This protocol helps any business to get paid on time, which currently rare in the crypto industry. The ability to “pull funds” will improve cash flow and provide customers with convenient way to pay and enjoy the services.

Here is a real life example; Fashion TV has committed to implement PumaPay’s Protocol as the payment system to their customers. FashionTV customers will be able to pay with PMA tokens on the website for streaming the FashionTV video content and allow Fashion TV to automatically “pull” PMA tokens from their wallet in a recurring way, monthly or yearly based on predetermined subscription term.

This is just one real life example, PumaPay has partnered with a lot of big names in various industries with the same commitment to use the protocol as their payment system and allow their customers to pay using cryptocurrencies for any kind of subscriptions. The sky is the limit!

Mass adoption, it starts with one simple thing: Usability.



Author: anti.cash

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