OPIRIA: Taking Back Control of Your Personal Power


“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” – Tim Berners-Lee

When we use online services like Facebook or iCloud, then our personal data is never going to be private again. Some of personal data analyzed by those services are web browsing behavior, social media activity, frequency of mobile phone calls and text messages, and the operating system of the users mobile phone.

A lot of companies still think that the customers data are belong to them. These data provides valuable information. That can be used for targeted advertising, or a customised news feed. Personal data are manipulated to keep customers loyal to service providers or to spend more money on the services.

You can not giving up data because of free services. Your personal data is yours and is just as important as anyone else’s. When you give them away because of some free features, chances are it will stay there and you will never have control of it. Don’t give up on your data. Own them. They are yours and they are important.

On 19 October 2016, the Court of Justice of the European Union (the “CJEU“)  published its judgment in Case 582/14 – Patrick Breyer v Germany, in which it held that IP addresses are personal data in certain circumstances. This means that any company cannot collect IP address record of their customers, for any reason.

It is time to take back control of our life, our data.

Opiria is a central marketplace for companies to buy personal data directly from consumers without a veiled middleman in a fully transparent and secure way. It means that the consumers can decide whether they are willing to sell their data or not.

Opiria is a blockchain-based platform where consumers take complete control over who accesses their data and which data is accessible. Consumers and companies have an agreement on which personal data they can access and use for whatever purpose. This is done using the smart contracts of the Ethereum blockchain and an in-app utility token known as the PDATA token.

It’s a matter of trust. By putting the power back in the hands of consumers, Opiria will develop a trust between consumers and companies that makes for a more productive relationship. If people do not trust the service they are getting or what is happening with their data, then this relationship will be broken. That’s why Opiria is utilizing blockchain technology for its’ data marketplace to ensure security and resolve underlying risks that contributed to the privacy violation.

Consumers can create a profile on the Opiria platform by disclosing personal data and giving allowance that data is being collected via smartphone app or smart devices. The consumers will be paid with PDAT in exchange for their personal data.


With PDATA, You Can Own Your Data with Dignity.



Author: anti.cash

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