Momentum: A Rewarding Way To Build Relationship

Momentum Loyalty

“Respect is earned, Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned” — Auliq Ice

Satisfied customers are always loyal customers. They have a reason to believe in the product and company and no reason to turn away to competitors. Consumers are usually willing to attach themselves to certain brands as long as they have an emotional attachment. Many customers repurchase a brand’s products rather than choosing other products because of the emotional attachment to it.

Customer Loyalty Program is a way of a company to give back to their customers. It is an expression of gratitude and appreciation. This can bring in new customers and encourage existing customers to purchase more products per visit, and shop more often. A loyalty program usually designed in form of loyalty cards which can then be used to get a discount or special gift.

But it appears, most customers are not satisfied with the loyalty programs offered by the company. Research has shown that 1 from 3 customers with loyalty cards never use or even forgot to use their loyalty points. Most of them think that the point is meaningless, small in value and not easy to use.

Loyalty is not and should never be about the program. Loyalty is a process, a journey, and those companies who do it well have a loyal audience. That loyalty is focused and predicated on behavior. Like what Momentum is currently building, the world’s first blockchain and crypto-token based marketing automation platform that enables companies to reward their best customers and supporters with crypto-tokens.

The Momentum Platform aims to transform the way Loyalty Program works, instead of let the points wasted & left unused, Momentum Rewards will be collected in a single wallet, where they can be exchanged between loyalty programs or into Momentum Tokens. Any unused tokens can be saved, traded or even gifted or donated.

Companies can used the Momentum platform to build a relationship with its customers by engaging them with rewarding activities related to the products instead of just encourage them to buy and buy again. These activities could be and not limited to promoting the brand, direct referral, taking surveys, creating an event or sharing personal data. Customers will become the real part of the company and not just an outside buyers. And this is far more valuable than just a loyal customer.

The data will be processed in blockchain which will provide customers with full access and control over their data.

The MobileBridge Momentum Token

It is a crypto-currency, fully decentralised digital currency which holding value and can be transferred between peers within the platform. It is meant to be the gateway token where users can exchange it to all reward tokens available within the platform.

There is no limitation to what you can do with the Momentum Token, because you have the power to decide whether to use it, exchange it with other rewards or convert it to other cryptocurreny like Ethereum.

Customers want to get involved and engaged with their beloved brands. Momentum makes that happen.




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