Media Protocol: A Fair Reward For A Fair Effort

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” – Jim Morrison

Currently the unfair rewards being claimed by content contributors leads to disappointment and apathy, thereby driving down participation in creating good and reliable contents.

There is a concern that content creators create extra work for the contents, attempting to enter the field with hope for a fair and transparent ecosystem only to find that they are not rewarded what they are worth.  With this low reward only may influence mood, motivation, and behavioral decision making of the content creators and publishers. This is a concerning issue that needs to be discussed and solved.

Long before the Internet exploded onto the mainstream consciousness, information delivered to consumers through a limited number of channels such as television, radio and newspapers. These only allowed people to passively consume content instead of engage with it. There is a monopoly of media because people were powerless to choose their content, and they had nowhere else to go.

But since the beginning of this decade, Internet has become indispensable to many people in their daily lives. Businesses lost the monopoly of content production to anyone with an internet connection. This led to both an astronomical increase in the amount of information available and a democratization of its access. People can choose what they want to hear and say, rather than passively consume everything.

However, internet creates another kind of monopoly in the digital market. Adding to continued monopoly across various sectors which ultimately results in less and unfair competition. Take a look at YouTube’s new monetization rules which are controversial and painful for the content creators.

The current content monopoly held by centralised media owners and content distribution platforms is inefficient and unsustainable. Creators, publishers and consumers alike desire more control and transparency, to create, distribute and consume equitably, with no intermediary gatekeeper.

Media Protocol is a blockchain-based rewards platform which allows content creators and publishers to monetize content and grow a community of loyal consumers. Unlike centralized platform, Media Protocol is both fair and transparent. It’s smart because it creates a database of stored content that is immutable and it incentivizes creators fairly based on their contents.

The protocol offers fair earning potential to content creators and publishers alike.  Think of something like Reddit or Stumbleupon, except the rewards are shared with the creators & publishers. It is a content driven platform that rewards its contributors.

The protocol allows for direct exchanges and interactions in a new economy, with incentives for each actor, for example, by creating a direct channel for publishers to promote content through consumption incentives, and for consumers to pay directly for paywalled content and reward favoured content creators and publishers with MEDIA Tokens.

MEDIA Protocol redistributes power from existing media owners – third-party intermediaries that disproportionately benefit from the exchange of content and centralised distribution platforms – to media creators, publishers and consumers. MEDIA Protocol provides the data publishers need, the reward creators deserve and the relevance consumers desire.

We believe that Media Protocol has the potential to grow and become a very popular platform for content creators and publishers from all over the internet.

Media Protocol is ensuring a fair reward for fair contribution, to protect the whole media ecosystem.




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