IPSX: The Real Meaning of Virtual Private Network


Once you’ve lost your privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing – Billy Graham

There is no way to verify that Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers do not keep the details recorded on the users and their online activity (users’ log). It is a crucial data that can be sold or used for other purposes. You’ll never really know what actually happens behind the scenes. In fact, they always know the websites their customers connect to, or any of the data sent over their network.

The fundamental of privacy is about people having control and deciding who knows what about them. And people look at VPN as a powerful tool, a private network that connects people to the internet by hiding the browsing activity and keep the anonymity of the users. But again, the tricky question is can we really trust the VPN providers? Because even though your are anonymous online, they can access and track all of your activities and movements.

Another issue with current VPN is connection problem. The most common problem is when the connection attempt is rejected or the chosen location is unreachable. This make the connection through VPN is unreliable and vulnerable which could put the users at risk especially when transmitting sensitive credentials.

So what’s the point of using VPN?

IP Exchange (IPSX) is the first blockchain-based IP Sharing Marketplace, which will create a global and decentralized marketplace for IPs. Blockchain is immutable to change of data, which means that once the data has been written to a blockchain no one can change it. It makes blockchain a secure, auditable and unhackable network. By utilizing blockchain technology, IPSX improves privacy and security and also bypass censorship or other restrictions by accessing in real time IPs from all around the world.

IP Exchange connects actors in a peer-to-peer network, enabling both data center owners and individual users, that will be called “providers” to rent IPs to other users, that will be called “requesters”. The IPs can be used to complete different tasks requiring one or more IPs from different locations.

In other words, IP Exchange allows anyone who has smartphone or PC or even a Tablet, to share their IP address in a safe way since all connections will be logged in the blockchain. Those who willing to share their unused IPs will get IPXS token in return. IPSX is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency that can be bought during their Token Generation Event.

End user will be able to install an application on their device and share their device’s IP in a couple of seconds on the IP Sharing Exchange platform, or rent an already existing IP from IPSX platform.

IP Exchange is the real meaning of Virtual Private Network; Decentralized, Secure & Reliable.




Author: anti.cash

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