How to Install and Play Xbox Games on PC

Xbox is the second most used gaming consoles There is n number of games available on Xbox. You need to install any of there games. All these games are available in a store. And you need to search for any of the game and install it. Most of the games are free.

And some of the best and most played games are paid. You need to play a certain amount and you can install the game on your device. 


Xbox is a video game system developed by Microsoft and it is the best game console device designed to compete with other popular gaming platforms like PS. For easy multiplayer gaming and an ethernet port for fast online gaming, the device comes with four controller ports. It allows gamers to play games online through an internet connection. It also has a DVD player that is fully-featured, which saves space, time and provides an entire fun for the players.

Do we need an Xbox to play Xbox games on PC?

Microsoft is now merging its software for Windows PCs and for Xbox consoles. This means you buy a game made by Microsoft(Xbox), you can play it on another device too(windows PC). This potentially changes the way gamers buy and play games because they don’t need an Xbox console to experience the latest hits of Microsofts.


  • 3.2 GHz CPU
  • 512MB DDR3 RM
  • 250GB HD

How to Install Xbox games on PC:

  1. Look for the Microsoft store icon in your start menu (or)
  2. Type and search “Microsoft Store” into the windows search bar, Click and Select to open. 
  3. Type and search the name of the game you want to find. If it’s available on the Store, you will find it. 
  4. Select the game and it navigates you to enter its store page.
  5. Click on the Get to purchase the game. 

An alternate method to play Xbox games on PC:

If you can’t find the game on your Microsoft Store, you can install an Xbox 360 emulator to run your Xbox 360 games on your PC. 


As you can see, you can now easily install Xbox games on PC in a matter of seconds. We hope you’ve managed to go through the entire process and that you’re enjoying the application as we speak.

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