How to impress a girl and ask her out

If you’re single, don’t lose hope, guys, because there’s still a chance that you have a girlfriend. Sometimes small gestures make the best impressions, but there are also small chips that can even ruin your chances. When you meet someone new, you’ll want to take a step forward. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to impress a girl on a first date, a pickup line comes handy.

1. Use Pickup lines

Congratulations, especially for the first meeting. Girls like compliments (sincere). It gives them that warm feeling of blur, as if they had just kissed a long-lost friend, and they will surely make you smile. And do not just give yourself a compliment! 99% of the time, the girl will say “oh, thank you”, then she is silent. But to make her laugh, you need to use Pickup lines.  Pickup lines are the best way to show a girl that you are interested in her. You can find a wide range of pickup lines at

2. Pay for dinner

This sounds like child’s play, but you will be surprised at the number of kids who are not trying to pay for the girl’s first date dinner. And guess what it leads to? This is not a possibility for a second date, I bet you save all my life on this. Look, when you put your credit card on the check, the girl will understand how good you are as a man. This is the equivalent of taking off your shirt and exposing your abs of 6 packs. This will give you an excellent first impression, but most importantly, it will increase your confidence in your ability to deal with it. In addition, you do not want to have a perfect evening, take out your wallet and think it’s a cheap date. So be a man and pay.

3. Offer to buy small treats

Gelato Café Gourmet cakes Caramel apples Anyway, offer to buy your little treats. If he refuses the first time, buy it anyway. But if you really insist on not doing it, you can leave your wallet. Whatever the situation, he will be happy to know that he even offered. Even if we do not like to admit it, we like to be pampered, treated like a princess, because it really tells us how caring you are and how you would do SOMETHING to make us happy. Naturally a dad of sugar in the heart? Well, you have a leg up on the game!

4. Relax Do not be tense

It is in our blood, in our DNA, to feel safer with children. So, if you are too upset to be nervous or you make sudden and anxious movements, you start to feel very uncomfortable. Be confident, but relax: stretch out your arms, take out your chest, look straight into our eyes (do not hit us please!). When you speak, lie on the back of the chair. But whatever you do, try not to show signs of intimidation in our presence. Because, believe it or not, girls have this ninth sense that detects weaknesses. This is perhaps the most difficult habit to give up, but if you want to change your body to make it safer, watch Amy Cuddy’s video: “Your body language determines who you are.” It’s a 21-minute life-changing guide to increase chances of success for both personal relationships and work.

5. Make her laugh

This is by far the easiest way to give up a girl’s “guard”. You will still receive 2 to 3 hours of quality appointments simply because you enjoy every minute of your silly jokes. What seemed serious (the date) is now a casual pleasure. And that’s how all appointments should be: fun and relaxing. He wants to erase the message that he is a fun companion to hang out instead of a sleazy guy who is just trying to get into the girls’ pants


Women are just opposite gender, not aliens that fell from the sky. You have to be confident and take the necessary steps to get the get of your dreams. These are some of the steps that can help you. we hope you use these steps and and get a girlfriend for this valentine’ day.

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