How to Install Terrarium TV on Kodi Directly

As you all know Kodi is a popular media streaming platform and it has been in the media lately due to some of its infamous add-ons and builds. Popular website and Android apps have developed a Kodi version of their platforms but not all the apps are available on Kodi.

To be crystal clear, Native version of Terrarium TV for Kodi was never made but it can be watched on Kodi. Let me put it more easily.

Currently, Kodi can be installed on Windows, Android, Mac, Smart TV, Tablets, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS, Amazon Firestick etc. So, on all these platforms Terrarium TV works.

Similarly, PS4 is a great gaming console and a very good platform for gaming and video experience. As we know that kodi can’t be directly installed on the PS4 platform, we need to get a way around to get it done. Find the feasibility to use Kodi on PS4 here.

For eg: If you have Kodi running on your Apple TV then you can watch the Terrarium TV Movies and TV Shows on your Apple TV via Kodi. For Users, Terrarium TV is Safe to use since it doesn’t host any of the contents.

Before I tell you how to install Terrarium TV on Kodi, you must have these three requirements fulfilled.

  1. Download the latest version of the Terrarium TV on your Android device.
  2. Now Install Kodi on the specific platform, If it is Windows PC/ Laptop, then download the .exe file. Do it according to the device. Go to the Official Kodi Page.
    • Choose the respective platform.
    • Download, Install and Setup Kodi.
  3. Get the yaste on the Android device that runs the currently installed Terrarium TV.

For this tutorial, we have used Kodi Krypton 17 since it is the latest version. Once you are done with the Kodi setup, Just follow the steps below.



  • Open Kodion the PC/ Laptop or TV where you have installed recently.
  • Now Click on the Settings (Cog icon).
  • Now tap on the Service Settings.
  • Select the Control option from the Left Menu.
  • Under the Web Server, Tap to Enable Allow remote control via HTTP.
  • Enter the Port as 8080
  • Now in Application Control, Enable the following two options “Allow remote control from applications on this system” and “Allow remote control from applications on other systems”.
  • Now that’s completed. Take your Android device.


  • Open Yatse
  • Whenlaunching Yatse for the first time, Tap on Next or Skip button until you get Adding host.
  • Now Enter the Host IP Address and Web server Port. To find the Host IP Address, go to Kodi> Settings >System Information > IP Address can be found and Port as 8080.
  • Tap on Add Host then it will display “Testing connection with Media Center” and get connected.If you plan to install Kodi on more device then follow the below process to add more Kodi hosts to Yatse.
  • Tap the menu on the left, Then tap on the drop-down arrow.
  • Now, it will display Local Device and Manage Hosts. Tap on Manage Hosts.
  • In that, Tap on the ‘+’ button on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • In the “Add Host..” pop-up window, Tap on Kodi (To add a running host)
  • It will scan automatically for the hosts but most probably it won’t find any. So tap on Next button.
  • The Adding host manually, Enter the Host IP Address and Web server Port. To find the Host IP Address, go to Kodi> Settings >System Information > IP Address can be found and Port as 8080.
  • Then Tap on Add Host. Now it will verify the host and you can manage or change the host by tapping on the specific host.


  • Open Terrarium TV and Choose from any Movie or TV Shows you want.
  • Tap on the Play button and Select any of your desired video sources.
  • Now in the pop-up window tap on the “Play with..” button.
  • From the “Choose a video player..” you need to select the “Play on Media Center” Like the one below in the image.
  • Now the video stream will automatically start playing on Kodi. Use Yetse to control Kodi, You can change the Volume, Play or Pause the video from your smartphone even.

The above tutorial can easily stream Movies and TV Shows on Kodi. Even you disconnect your smartphone from the internet after starting to play the streams on Kodi.

Hope this tutorial was pretty helpful for Kodi users to get Terrarium TV finally on Kodi.

Thank you for here. If you have any question regarding this please feel free to comment beelow, we will try our best.

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