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The sharing economy creates a new world for commuters and travelers. Company like Uber & AirBNB are building a billion dollar business helping people to find the best car and apartment for rent, anywhere in the world. But what should be the “sharing” economy has become the “centralized” economy.

Sharing economy should be an economic system in which assets or services are shared between private individuals, either free or for a fee. But the fact is, company like Uber & Air BNB, taking big cut from the renters which could left the car or property owners with a few percents of the total revenue (minus gas, operational cost, etc).

Another disadvantage is that those companies still own the data from the users and renters, making them the powerhouse of human-behavior data.

Helbiz platform aimed at protecting both owners & consumers by giving back the power to the ecosystem. The data should be owned by the property owners and the revenue should be paid fairly and transparent while still provide affordable services to the customers.

Helbiz is a blockchain-based app where you can share cars your peers, seamlessly using your smartphone as the key. Not only for renting out your vehicle, but for sharing driving data you are already creating on a day-to-day basis. Helbiz app gives the option to easily sell the personal data to 3rd parties while ensuring complete privacy.


The Helbiz platform will allow all the involved parties to be fairly rewarded for their contributions into the ecosystem, as the Blockchain technology will permit to verify each single input, whether coming from a corporate authority or an individual.


Helbiz takes advantage of blockchain technology and the power of Smartphones. By signing up for an account with a Helbiz, download the respective app, and with a few swipes you’ve set up a customized rental car for yourself, all without the help of a middleman.

Helbiz platform also passes the burden of driving. People can leave their hometown or country without bringing their own vehicles, so they will feel more relaxed and have more energy when they get to their destination. With Helbiz, people can estimate of how much it’s going to cost them. Their wallet is charged automatically, using Helbiz (HBZ) token.

By tokenizing the platform with HBZ tokens, the entire Helbiz community, no matter where they are in the world, can use the platform. This tokenization is what enables the “sharing economy” to happen.

Helbiz plans to apply this technology not only for the car-rental industry but also for other types of transportation like private jet, cruise, bicycle and many more.

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If history has taught us anything, it is that  the world is changing, and we  we need to embrace innovation and recognize others’ freedom to choose how to get around. That’s what Helbiz currently do with its innovation.



Author: anti.cash

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