Giftcoin: From The People, To The People

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Your decision to open up your wallet and donate money to people who are less fortunate is generous but you need to find out whether your donations will be put to good use. There are a lot of reports of online charity scam that take advantage of human tragedies in order to scam people out of money, regardless in what country we’ve been living in.

It comes in many form, from earthquakes to disease sufferers. And it might look like a legitimate charity organization. They can email you requesting donation, request to send money overseas or directly contact you as a victim affected by a disaster or a chronic disease.

And what about the legitimate and well-known charity organizations? Can we really trust them with our donation?

A report in 2013 has shown that the number of executives receiving six-figure salaries at Britain’s 14 leading foreign aid charities has risen by nearly 60 per cent. Some of the charity executives were paid more than the Prime Minister’s salary £142,500 a year. This is a corrupt system which, instead of making sure the donations will get to a place where they can be put to good use, some just take advantage of it when they can. A good charity system would be one that would put more money in front of people in need, and less money in front of more fortunate people.

Giftcoin is a secure, easy, and convenient way to give donation. It is a blockchain based platform, which means it will be fully transparent. Thereby protecting people  from inadvertently donating to a fraudulent appeal. As a result, Giftcoin is committed to being completely transparent and accountable in the use of your donations.

Giftcoin provides complete transparency on donors charitable donations by utilizing smart contracts to track the direct impact of donations. This gives donors increased confidence, and charities a powerful feedback loop to elicit further support. You can rest assured that your donation will make a real difference and making a positive impact where it is needed most.

Another advantage of Giftcoin is that it is Feeless. The power of the blockchain means that donations in Giftcoin, in addition to the revolution in the giving process that is offered, are also feeless. That means; that not only do
you have confidence that every cent you give is going to the cause which you donated it to, but you are not wasting any fees in the process of giving.


 Whether you are giving a lot or a little, you have the right to know how every penny is spent.




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