FlipnPik: A Decentralized Solution for Collaboration

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them” – W. Edwards Deming

A unique collaboration is the fuel of any business. It is a common purpose held by the collaborators whether it is between employees or even customers. Collaboration can be a driving force for improving the outcomes of many business activities. It can improve business performance and products’ quality. While on the other hand, consumers can frequently engage in information-sharing and work together to maximize the business value itself.

A research conducted by Cone Communications in 2011 found that 87% of consumers agree a favorable review has confirmed their decision to purchase. But interestingly, four out of five consumers who read a negative online review reversed their decision to buy a product or service recommended to them. So it is important to understand that when people share experience about your business or its products and services, this will lead to more sales and successes.

The problem is, customers are not robots. Each individual is different with different backgrounds and aspirations. who might have different needs and expectations depending on their contribution to promote the brand they love so much.

So how to create devoted armies of users-collaborators, who use the brand and who will go to extreme lengths to promote it?

FlipnPik is obviously a cost-efficient way of getting to consumers, reward them and increase the business visibility. Whether you are new or an established business, you will always have to get external help and FlipnPik help any business to be an active player in this space.

FlipnPik platfrom will give any customer a reason to recommend any business to their friends by offering them discounts and free gifts in return for the creation and sharing of value to new customers they introduce to a business; this reward is called The Flip Social. It is a reward system dedicated to stimulate and retain the users of the platform. With this approach, customers will dedicated their lives to spreading information about the business.

Consumers or Collaborators can choose to convert The Flip Social rewards into FNP tokens, a utility token that is distributed and identified on the Stellar Platform, which can then be converted into fiat money. But generally FNP tokens can be used:

  • To buy products or services from businesses on the app (under development)
  • To exploit the right of Ambassador Partner
  • To obtain promotions and exclusive offers
  • To participate in games

FlipnPik ensures beneficial relationship by delivering a positive users-collaborators experience and helping to foster the business unique visibility.



Author: anti.cash

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