FCFL: Bringing Fantasy Game To Life


FCFL is creating a new experience in sports, an app that connects football players and fans digitally for real life game play to work together.

Back then, the “fantasy manager” game like Championship Manager (CM) and Football Manager (FM) were very famous. Lots of pople being addicted to the game since they can manage a soccer team as they like: buy wonderkid players, sell old strikers, use formation 4-3-2-1, hire a scout, hijack legendary player like Cristiano Ronaldo, cursing the player and many more.

Aside from being addictive, it is everyone’s dream to become the manager of the team that they love since they were kids. Become a part of building something big is more than just a fantasy. The game is closer to the real soccer experience that the lines between our real life and the soccer stadium start to blur.

What makes this kind of game become so real? The answer is the data.

These games provide database based on real-life data, including database of players, stadiums, coaches, skills and a lot more. The game companies have their own division to make sure that all the data is valid by visiting the stadium, meeting the coach, reading news and researching. No wonder this game can predict correctly who will become the next stars in the future (Football Manager game has labeled Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Aguero as “wonderkid” long before they are famous and become top footballers)

But still… that’s just a game, that we play from our room on a rainy day.

Fan Controlled Footbal League (FCFL) is building a platform that brings your imagination to life. In this case, as a Football Manager. Imagine when you can manage a football team from your smartphone and your decision will be applied to the real team in the real time.

FCFL offers a window on a radical new blend of game, sports and real life achievement. The platform putting fans in control of their sports team. Player personnel and real time play calling decisions are all made by fans via the league’s blockchain platform. FCFL use blockchain technology to build an uninterrupted and transparent platform for real time sports experience.

By creating its own Football League, The FCFL will kick off action in the middle of 2018 and will feature eight teams, all playing and practicing in the same location. Instead of building out an in-person viewing experience that is central to all existing professional sports leagues, FCFL will host games in an ultra high-tech, state-of-the-art production studio that will emphasize the digital broadcast of the action over anything else.

FCFL app will allow users to locked into one team, for which they have control over play-calling (among other things). Fans will be able to engage with play-calling directly on the screen on which they are watching the game, including vote on all decisions crucial to the organization’s management.

This technology could be thought of as revolutionary, though only for Football (yet), has the potential to be something huge. Imagine when this technology can be applied not only for Football but also Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Water Polo, Volleyball or even Hockey!


Now fans can really get into the game and build a positive and high performing team.



Author: anti.cash

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