DAV: The Autonomous Movement


“The key with autonomous is the whole ecosystem. One of the keys to having truly fully autonomous is vehicles talking to each other” – Mary Barra

A recent study from RethinkX, an independent think tank, suggests that  “By 2030, within 10 years of regulatory approval of fully autonomous vehicles, 95% of all U.S. passenger miles will be served by transport-as-a-service (TaaS) providers who will own and operate fleets of autonomous electric vehicles providing passengers with higher levels of service, faster rides and vastly increased safety at a cost up to 10 times cheaper than today’s individually owned (IO) vehicles.”

This study aims to to investigate the relationship between Autonomous Vehicles and Car Ownership. This study also shows that the service quality, safety and environmental impact have some positive influences on the attitude to using the autonomous vehicles.

The emerging of autonomous vehicles as the shift to TaaS,  provides a lot of benefits through a diverse range of vehicles and experiences that are brought to the table. That’s why companies like Uber & Lift spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the technology.

Despite the potential of becoming the transportation of the future, autonomous vehicles still face an uncertain future due to diverse companies utilize the same technology but not really connected to each other. To build a common infrastructure for Autonomous Vehicle we need to be connected, always available and flexible. If Uber or Lyft eventually go on their own, then how can people benefit from it? Picture it like the internet, imagine there are Google and Amazon but there is No Internet, the whole nation would stop and there would be chaos all over.

Decentralized Autonomous Vehicle

There will be a lot of AV companies in the future, as there is always new startup come into the market everyday. There can’t be just Google and Facebook on the internet. There is always room for improvement. That’s why we have AirBNB, Spotify, iFlix, and a lot more. But if all of those companies are not connected to the internet, then they are all become worthless.

That’s the point of DAV (Decentralized Autonomous Vehicle). The main purpose of DAV network is to create the network of Autonomous Vehicles from around the world, and make it accessible to all people.

DAV network is not only driving the cost of network elements lower but are also enabling a new next-generation application as well. Current company and provider can continue to find great ways to manage their expanding autonomous vehicles network, while customers can benefit from a highly accessible vehicles with a reduced cost.

Imagine where anyone can buy and sell (or Order) autonomous transportation services from anywhere, in a secure and safe network.

The Power of Blockchain

While internet can be shut down by Governments or Internet Service Providers, blockchain is a peer-to-peer network  that operates as a distributed ledger and has the ability to allow multiple parties to transfer and store sensitive information in a space that’s secure, permanent, anonymous, and easily accessible. So if someone wants to shut down or hacked blockchain network, then he has to hack millions of personal computers permanently, which is impossible to do.

DAV takes the P2P information transfer capabilities of the internet and the P2P value transfer made possible by the blockchain (in this case, via the DAV token) and brings them to their next logical conclusion, enabling P2P transfer of physical goods. Consider this scenario: a package needs to be delivered using a drone. The parties involved include a sender, recipient, drone operator, goods insurer, and arbitrator. The blockchain, and specifically smart contracts, enable us to conduct these kinds of transactions P2P, directly between these parties, without needing an intermediary, thus reducing costs to all parties while providing them with the assurance they need to conduct business without necessarily trusting each other beforehand.

dav network

The Future of Transportation is Centered on Autonomous Vehicles & Decentralized Network.



Author: anti.cash

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