CryptoCarz: Real Ownership of Virtual Assets

Virtual Reality is now the world’s largest entertainment industry. With virtual assets comprise 78% of revenue generated by the entire industry, worth $50 billion. But the common problem is that players typically do not enjoy real ownership rights.

A virtual asset is a representation of currency in some environment or situation, such as a video game or a financial trading simulation exercise.

It is hard for players to trade their virtual items, especially when it comes to sell them or even give them to other players. In fact, these items are completely in control of the game companies, who have the rights to close the game, change the item or revoke the usage at any time.

The new concept is being applied to the blockchain network in the form of Virtual Cars, where users can create, experience, and trade limited-edition cars. CryptoCarz solution is to combine both blockchain and virtual reality, where players are the actual owners of their assets, with the usage of easily swappable, blockchain-based tokens in the virtual ecosystem called: CCRD

And people have a chance to own their own virtual car that will run in a race!

With CryptoCarz technology, players now have the real ownership of a limited-edition virtual vehicles, using a decentralized platform that cannot be broken down by anyone. You are the rightful owner of the virtual asset forever, until you decide to sell it to other party. Each vehicle’s model will have a limited number of cars, enforced by the smart contract code, after that no more of each type will ever be produced!

The platform’s functional capabilities and user experience will make CryptoCarz usable for everyone. The technology and improved user experiences will empowered those outside of the blockchain-based gaming industry to access and use CryptoCarz.

CryptoCarz is the democratization of virtual assets, in order to provide equal access and opportunities to all individuals to own their own virtual property and data together in the game.




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