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Mr. Hayek retains the right to deny any participants he feels are attempting to cheat the Initial Burn Offering or are not in the spirit of the Anti Cash movement.

If this worries you, do not participate.

1/ You must wait until July 4th at 0:00 UTC to submit your videos

Any videos submitted before this will not be included.

If you accidentally submit your video before July 4th at 00:00 UTC, please delete and reupload.

2/ Only 1000 videos submitted to X will be chosen

The first 1000 videos to be uploaded after July 4th 00:00 UTC that Mr. Hayek believes to be valid submissions will be sent 100 ANTI each.

3/ You must use a $100 USD

Only $100 US Dollars are eligible for the Initial Burn Offering.

You cannot use multiple bills (ex: Five $20 bills)

Any other currency, domestic or international, will not be eligible.

To acquire ANTI with other currencies, you will need to purchase ANTI off the open market after launch.

4/ You must write the words "ANTI.CASH" on the dollar you burn

Preferably in sharpie or an easily readable pen.

Do not cover up the serial number.

5/ You must clearly show the serial number on the dollar you burn

This is to assist in multiple preventive measures to detect counterfeit or AI-generated dollars.

6/ You must only burn one $100 bill in a video

Burning more than $100 in your video will not help you. The max you can earn is 100 ANTI.

7/ You must reply to your post on X with your ETH address

Make sure your Base address is provided in a reply to your video, not directly in your original X post.

If you provide a wallet for any chain that is not Base, your ANTI will be lost and cannot be saved.


How will you prevent people who attempt to cheat?

A combination of AI, US Dollar counterfeit software, and cross-reference technology will be used to determine the validity of each video.

When will the ANTI tokens be unlocked?

ANTI tokens will be unlocked once 1000 videos have been approved by Mr. Hayek.

In total, this means $100,000 will have been burned.

Spread the word to help us reach the goal faster.

What if two people submit the same video?

The video with the earlier timestamp will be the eligible one.