Blockshipping: Shipping That Changed The World

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Shipping Container has shaped the way we do business. It makes the world smaller and on the other hand, makes the economy bigger. Most businesses now rely on shipping container to run their operations and drive expansions.

From the largest company to the smallest new business, now rely on the shipping container services. But the problem is that shipping container cost is ridiculously expensive for most business owners. Not to mention that keeping track of millions of moving containers is difficult and could be vulnerable to cyberattack like what happened to Maersk, one of the largest global shipping company.

Shipping Container Tracking System

The current solution is not efficient or sustainable enough. We need a novel idea that could change the shipping industry and completely disrupt the old ways.

Blockshipping is building a blockchain-based platform that will streamline the process and save billions of dollars in the shipping container industry.

Blockshipping developed an improved automatic technology to help speed up the handling process and will allow the industry to keep real-time track of all containers. The platform is called Global Shared Container Platform – GSCP. It could be used by various companies in the shipping industry and bring a revolution on the way the trade is performed, to make the transport of all goods faster, safer, and more efficiently.

GSCP will provide a complete blockchain enabled container asset registry (like a ship register) where the full global inventory of containers (approx. 27 million units) are registered along with real-time locations of every single container around the world. It means that the shipping container system will be decentralized, encrypted and secured in public ledger.

Blockshipping solution will provide an efficient, transparent, traceable and secure shipping container transactions, that become unsolved problems to the industry until today.

Blockshipping platform has already funded by private angels, and The Danish Maritime Fund. Please learn more about GSCP platform and how they can change the world:




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