What Are The Best Wizard Spells in Dungeons and Dragons?

Through trial and study, the wizard manipulates the magic to bend any parts of reality. The wizard records his knowledge in a precious spellbook, and he prepares the spells he needs to answer the day’s challenge.

The wizard of all the spellcasters in DND 5e, the wizard boasts the largest spell list of any class. It has a vast array of options, but it’s hard to choose the spell you want. In this article, we have collected a few spells in detail. To get the new list of wizard spells from 5e, check out DNDMag.

Best Wizard Spells DND

Find Familiar

Casting this spell will get the service of a familiar. A spirit that transforms into an animal from your choice. They are familiar with the range will have the statistics of the chosen form. Though it is a celestial, or friend of a beast. When you hit the zero hit point, it will disappear & once you cast the spell again it will reappear.

Fog Cloud

Using this spell you can create a 20ft sphere of fog that is centered on a certain point within the range. The fog spreads around the corners and its area is heavily obscured. It lasts until a great speed of wind spread gets there.

Ice Knife

You can create a piece of ice and throw it within a 60ft range on anyone. By using this spell, you can make a ranged attack against the target. It takes 1d1- quick damage on one hit. It explodes when you hit or miss the throw.

Earth Tremor

This spell causes an earthquake about a 10ft radius. Except you, every creature in the area makes a DEX saving throw, and if it failed they take 1d6 strike damage.

Mage Armor

Using this armor spell, you can touch a creature that isn’t wearing the armor, it lasts around it until the spell ends. The spell ends if you dismiss the spell as an action.


With this spell, you can have an invisible barrier of a magical force that appears and protects you. On each turn, you have a 5+ bonus to AC, which includes the triggering attack which does not take any damage from magic missile.

Final Words

These are the few best spells of the wizard for the beginners. If we have missed any of your favorite spell in this list, let us know in the below comment section.

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