5 Smart Steps to Avoid MyEtherWallet (MEW) Phishing Scams!

Since MyEtherWallet.com is an open source tool, it is compatible with all ERC20 tokens and upcoming ICO tokens. Making it the most recommended wallet for ICO projects.

There’s been significant increase in number of new phishing sites that attempt to replicate the MyEtherWallet website with one purpose: to steal your tokens.

I want to make it short so you can bookmark this post and use it whenever you need it.

Before accessing your wallet, please type “MyEtherWallet.com” in your browser bar, copy it and follow these steps:

1. Check the domain registration date.

MyEtherwallet.com domain name is registered in 2015–08–19 (19 August 2015). This can never be manipulated.

Visit GoDaddy whois, Paste the domain that you copy, and make sure that the registration date is correct: 2015–08–19

2. Check the Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa rank for MyEtherWallet.com is quite high. It is ranked in the Top 5,000 globally. Though the number may fluctuate but it won’t be far from the current rank. It’s impossible for new phising sites to have the same rank.

Visit Alexa.com, Paste the domain that you copy, and make sure that the Global rank is correct: 5,000 range (more or less)

3. Check the SSL Certificate validation

SSL Certificate of MyEtherWallet.com is issued to MYETHERWALLET LLC

Visit Symantec.com, Paste the domain that you copy, and make sure that the organization data is correct: MYETHERWALLET LLC

4. Check for Google typo

Paste the domain on Google search bar. If Google shows you a typo notification then it is the wrong domain name.

5. Never Click on Any Links!

The phising scammers are getting smarter everyday. They are now running Google Ads for keywords related to ‘myetherwallet’ then redirect users to the phishing site. We’ll never know what kind of strategy will be used in the future but do remember this: NEVER CLICK! BETTER TYPE THE ADDRESS IN THE BROWSER!

Now you can securely open/access your wallet!

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Author: anti.cash

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