Flixxo: Decentralizing Video Content and Distribution of Profits

When you upload your video content to a streaming site, you’re not in control of it anymore. If that site decides to change their system, their video links format, their revenue sharing or change how much advertising they put on each video, it’ll affect you. Even if their streaming-speed slows down, your video will suffer.

Keeping all your video contents under your own control ensures that it’ll always be displayed and used the way that you want it to.

Sometimes if you are not following certain requirements then your video content will be shrunk to fit the specifications and this can really hurt the overall visibility of your video. It can be very frustrating and time consuming process to deal with.

Another problem is that all the revenues from original & creative videos, created by amazing content creators on their own, are in the hands of the platforms. The platforms will decide the most profitable revenue sharing model by sacrificing the fair distribution of profits.

For the sake of fighting spam content, YouTube will no longer allow creators to make money until their channel reach 10,000 views. Many people argue that this is not a really fair solution since there are many original & unique contents created everyday by creative authors. Platform should not control how they make money since it’s their own content.

Video sharing websites like Youtube or Vimeo filled with lots of videos and not all of them may be contents you want to watch. On the actual models the options are paying for a subscription to watch a lot of media you may not be interested in, to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the videos that you really love, or to watch advertisement in exchange for content, which leaves producers with almost no return on their investment.

As an Advertiser, authentic connection with the audience is the most important thing. Advertiser needs to get their content to the larger audience. The key is to act aggressively and stop hoping that people will share your content, for free. Advertisers need ways to encourage sharing on social network.

Flixxo introducing a community based distribution platform and an ecosystem that will give users an opportunity to enjoy quality content unavailable from conventional distribution channels, that places 90% of revenues directly into the hands of the content creators.

On Flixxo all users share any content they have on their device with the rest of the community. So, instead of an expensive centralized server, the information is distributed and shared through the network using Bittorrent protocol.

The platform is aimed to improve on several factors such as lower bandwidth usage, keeping internet speeds higher for all users, improved​ ​video​ ​quality & better engagements.

Torrent is still the most used protocol to download illegal contents on the internet. The problem lies not in the technology itself but the reason why people use it. Based on LaunchLeap research, people are willing to pay high monthly fees for a legal service that would allow them to use all the legal video streaming platforms:


The main reason people use Torrent protocol is because they can not find what they are looking for on the legal streaming services. Instead of avoiding the technology, Flixxo sees it as the most effective way to autoscale the platform. To serve all audiences no matter where servers or viewers may be to build a truly global platform, providing the capacity to accommodate increasingly large, unpredictable audiences, in a legal way.

Flixxo developed peer-to-peer cryptocurrency payments to be used within the platform, called Flixx. Through this token, users can earn incentives for seeding legal content and get a channel for connecting directly with media producers. It is a two-way system, in which producers pay users for improving the network, and users can give authors a recognition for their work.

Flixx token also prevents piracy and spam content, as authors have to time-block tokens in a smart contract (set as a warranty) in order to upload content. This contract will also handle and block their earnings for a certain period of time, so that in the case of a dispute the unfair-uploader may lose those tokens.

Everyone will have equal opportunity to be rewarded in the ecosystem by providing four ways to receive Flixx token:

  1. Get Flixx token for producing content
  2. Get Flixx token for sharing content
  3. Get Flixx token for some seconds of your attention watching sponsored content.
  4. Get Flixx token by buying it or getting it from friends

Flixxo Token Allocation Event (ICO) will be held on October 24th, 2017. The primary purpose of the event is to make sure that everyone has a fair opportunity to contribute.

The beauty of Flixxo is as the network grows, so does its bandwidth and its storage space, making it more efficient and able to handle more users. The more content is being shared, the better bandwidth it will have for being distributed and streamed. Unlike other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, as they expand to new markets they must worry about performance and all the annoying things when the network bogs down and videos start stuttering.

With Flixxo, Content Creators can benefit from the surge in P2P video distribution, while Advertisers can capitalize on advanced product placements and Users can earn credits for watching high quality content



Author: anti.cash

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